This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at http://WordpressVideos.TV In this video, were gonna take a look at Search Engine Optimization using the Thesis theme for WordPress. The first thing you need to do is look for the Thesis menu and click on Thesis Options. And although there are a lot of customization options on this page, but for Search Engine Optimization, were going to edit the document head as well as the home page settings. So Im gonna expand the Title Tag here, okay? And Im going to Show site name in title, Show site tagline in title, and Show tagline before title - so those are the three options available here. However, what Thesis does is it just controls the exact location of your title and tagline. So you can actually have your blogs name appear before the tagline, or you can have your tagline appear before the title. And for individual pages, you can also choose to append the site name to page titles, and then you can choose the character separator, which essentially separates your blog name and your blog tagline, and also on pages, it separates the page title and your blog name.