This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at http://WordpressVideos.TV Theres a great keyword research tool out there on the Internet called WordTracker. Now, WordTracker is used by thousands of Internet marketers and webmasters to research and build a list of keywords that they then use to build their websites. Now, although the WordTracker service is a paid service, they also publish a free keyword tool, and in this video, Im gonna show you how to use the free WordTracker keyword tool. So instead of giving you the URL, Im just gonna ask you to go to and type in wordtracker, alright? And Googles probably gonna give you some suggestions so you can either type in wordtracker free and the first such result you see here would be the free keyword suggestion tool from WordTracker and thats the tool that were gonna use, so you can just click on that. Okay, so now, this is the free keyword suggestion tool, and this is a very simplified version of the actual WordTracker software, and its shows here that this keyword tool gives you an estimate of the daily search volume. So this is really important because when you compare the keyword data with other keyword research software, they usually give you a monthly search volume. So this is a daily search volume, and if you want to get an accurate estimate, you probably need to times the search volume by 30 days to get a monthly search volume. And the second thing is that you can only generate up to 100 related keywords using this free tool. However, the free tool is still a very important tool that you can use if you just want to type in certain words and get the overall hierarchical keyword list for a particular niche market, so Im gonna show you how that works. Im gonna type in stem cells, right? And then make sure that the adult filter is on; otherwise, you may actually get adult-related keywords. And then click on Hit Me.