Some of my first pictures of my rpc Joey :'D They're nearly 2 or 3 years old O_o Oh my god D: And I found the very first pic I've ever edited but I don't know whever I should load it up :'D Haha :D Okay I remember some parts of her earlier story but not much owo She was in love with Itachi for example or with my own male main rpc (I did never load up picture of him here on pb :D)...ehmm... and she was a headhunter.... ehmm... she had a dog ... aaaaaaaaand she was once in love with Pain ^-^ As you can see O_O Bababbaaaa... What else can I say? She had the bangers from the picture in the left upper corner longest and I liked it most owo And in Shippuuden she worn the longest time a black vest, a blue t-shirt under it, a blue skirt and black boots... I also liked that outfit most :'D and in pre-shippuuden she worn the outfit with the grey t-shirt and the black cap.... AND I liked that outfit most, too D: so why to the hell did I so often change her ? Q_Q I'm such a baka ! ._. Yeah okay- maybe some old friends of mine from svz will remember her old look :3